Welcome to Smoker Farms

Small batch, big buds. Premium craft cannabis.

Our Story

Smoker Farms is located in the naturally unparalleled Kootenay Boundary country of British Columbia. After many years in the medical cannabis industry the husband and wife team behind Smoker Farms wanted to explore a business in the recreational industry once it became legalized. They felt this was a great fit with over 10 years experience in medical cannabis cultivation. Through those years the proprietary strain of MK Ultra has been perfected and tests with a THC percentage well over 20% with a unique flavor and terpene profile that will be sure to impress the consumer.

About us / What sets us apart?

With many years of cultivation experience and a love for cannabis plants that stretches for decades, Smoker Farms is thrilled to be joining the craft cannabis market and hopes to be a front-runner in the craft cannabis industry. Smoker Farms produces small batch craft cannabis with the utmost care and attention to quality and detail. Our goal is to have our product stand out from all others as a premium craft product. At Smoker Farms our cannabis is crafted not grown.

The canopy growth is diligently manicured to ensure optimal flowering potential and the product is watered from the pure and pristine waters of the Kettle River. We want our product to portray the natural setting the cannabis is grown in. We feel happy plants equate to quality cannabis! Smoker Farms prides ourselves on harvesting and providing only the highest quality product.

Our Team

The members of our team make a huge contribution to the quality of cannabis that we produce. With decades of knowledge and experience and an undeniable passion for the product, we are confident our product will stand out from competitors. We are interested in the cultivation over the capitalism of the product. We are a farm, not a factory and we want that to be apparent in our quality product that puts flavor, potency and overall quality first.

The Ultimate

We will be introducing ourselves to the market with The Ultimate strain. We are hoping to be able to have this available to the consumer before the end of 2020.

MK Ultra

In addition to The Ultimate we are looking forwarding to releasing our flagship strain…Master Kush Ultra in 2021. Stay tuned for future announcements.

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