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Our Team

With over 250 years of legacy experience in the cannabis industry, the valuable members of our team make a huge contribution to the quality of cannabis that we produce. With decades of knowledge and experience and an undeniable passion for the product, we are confident our product will stand above the competitors. We are a farm, not a factory and we want this to be apparent in the quality of our product that puts flavor, potency and overall quality first.

Our Method //

Jeff Aubin

Growing Since:

Cultivation Method:
Hydroponic | Rockwool | Dosatron

10-day Cold Cure Hang Dry

“Grower Jeff Aubin is the exact definition of a Legacy grower whose facility is nestled discreetly in the mountains of the West Kootenays near Beaverdell, BC. Although Jeff has embraced modern technology in every area of his facility, his caveman growing style was responsible for producing some of the highest quality cannabis on the legacy market for decades. Smoker Farms produces small batch cannabis with the utmost care and attention to quality and detail using the pure pristine water from the Kettle River. This now high-tech barbarian is proudly producing some exceptional flower for the legal market in Canada.” – Joint Venture Craft Cannabis

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A Look Inside Smoker Farms (3:12)

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Cannadri Visits Smoker Farms (7:49)

Processed by BC Black

We have teamed with processor BC Black under Joint Venture Craft Cannabis so we can focus on what matters most to us – our product. Joint Venture Craft Cannabis believes that cannabis is best left in the hands of legacy growers, who tend to small batches and produce superior products. Order Smoker Farms for your store today!